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Network Support

SSI is currently providing network support to over 300 customers in the Greater Birmingham area as well as several WAN clients through the southeast. SSI employs the best diagnostic tools and technicians available to efficiently maintain our customer's Microsoft and Linux networks. Support is available on site and over the phone.

Virus, Trojan and Spyware Cleanup

Why is my computer so dang slow?

We use only the latest technology to clean unwanted Spyware and viruses from workstations and PC's. We rely on specially written software to go deep inside the registry and remove troublesome code that slows down a systems performance.

We know where the spy ware applications hide and how to manually delete the spy ware files that the off-the-shelf scanners don't find. Even though the Spy ware scanners are getting better, they do not find all of the problems.


The backup you need is the one you did not get. Ross's rule of nonexistant backups

We do not want to lose our data and we do not want you to lose yours. We use the same backup technology to protect your data that we use to protect our data. The back up that you did not get is the one you needed.

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