ACCPAC Label Writer

Available for most ACCPAC installations using either Microsoft SQL or Pervasive databases

Price: $299
ACCPAC Label Writer by Shelby Systems, Inc.

Ever wish you could print just one label without having to find the label sheets, go the laser printer and guessing which way to put in the sheet

Now you can with the ACCPAC Label Writer by Shelby Systems, Inc.

The software links into you ACCPAC database either (SQL or Pervasive) for both Vendors and Customers. You simply select which table and then look up the vendor or customer from the two drop down boxes. Press the print button and your label prints out on the Dymo LableWriter. What could be simpler?

  • 6 Line- Prints up to six lines of text on a 1 1/8 x 3 ½ label
  • Quick Edit - Edit Text before Printing (Not saved back to table)
  • AR - Uses AR Customer Table
  • AP - Uses AP Vendor Table
  • Dymo 450 Turbo - Includes Dymo 450 Turbo LableWriter

Shelby Systems, Inc software development can customize the code to retrieve and print data from most of the tables in ACCAPC as an additional cost.

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