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Custom Management Reports

More companies are using Excel as a reporting tool. Shelby System, Inc. has developed a series of methods and procedure to allow us to better model the reporting that your office requires. Typically we design program to read your data tables and format the data right out to MS Excel. The exports to Excel can be Details or summary. We also use the Excel Table format method to export a report that you can use to sort or filter the information.

  • Export Reports Directly To MS Excel
  • Access toEmbedded Formulas Like @SUM() or @COUNT()
Network Solutions

SSI is currently providing network support to over 300 customers in the Greater Birmingham area as well as several WAN clients through the southeast. SSI employs the best diagnostic tools and technicians available to efficiently maintain our customer's Microsoft and Linux networks. Support is available on site and over the phone.

  • Virus, Trojan and Spyware Cleanup
  • The backup you need is the one you did not get.
ACCPAC Accounting

As a user of ACCPAC Plus, you've come to know and to depend on the reliability and rich feature set of our DOS accounting software. You get the same reliability and feature-richness in ACCPAC Advantage Series and a whole lot more. .

  • Special Pricing - As an ACCPAC preferred customer, take advantage of our special pricing program when you upgrade from Plus to ACCPAC Advantage Series.
  • Easy Data Conversion - Never handle a tape again.
  • No Tapes - Our data conversion utilities enable you to convert your data simply. Don’t worry about having to re-key your account, vendor, customer or employee information – our data conversion utilities will convert your data for you.
  • System Flexibility - Extensive customization options such as larger more flexible account numbers, up to five budgets per account, up to 99 years of data and user definable customer, vendor and employee fields.
Custom Software Development

Shelby Systems, Inc. has been writing custom database applications since 1981.

The programming languages in which we develop or support are Visual Basic 6 (Classic), Visual Basic (.Net), c#, ASPX, Clipper, and MS Visual Studio 2010. The databases we support are Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MS Access, Pervasive and from the 20th century dBase (xBase).

  • Rapid-We can quickly develop your application using rapid software development techniques. development techniques
  • ETL- We build custom interface which convert information from one database to another and they can be configured to run automatically.
  • Database- We connect to most database files like SQL, Oracle, Access, xBase.

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